# Getting started with Acquiring

# 1. Talk to our sales team

Please reach out to our sales team at sales@intergiro.com to get an understanding of our capabilities, acceptance policies and pricing.

# 2. Integrate our Acquiring API

We currently offer two integration flows for PSPs and we recommend that you read our integration guide to understand the key differences.

Integration options are not interchangeable so once you decide on a flow we will provide you test merchant API keys for the integration type you chose.

For test access, contact us at acquiring@intergiro.com with your company and contact information.

# 3. Onboard your merchant

Our sales and onboarding team will guide you through onboarding of your merchants with Intergiro. When your merchant has been accepted, we will technically onboard the merchant.

# 4. Process live merchant transactions

When a merchant has been fully onboarded, we will provide you (the PSP) with API keys for the respective merchant. You are then able to process live transactions for this merchant.

IMPORTANT: Before processing live transactions, you will be asked to provide a valid PCI AoC.