# Environments and authentication

To submit payments to Intergiro, you'll be making API requests that are authenticated with an API key. Our team will provide a pair of API keys (a public and a private) for your test integration and a new API key pair once you are ready for live traffic.

Test payments Live payments
Host https://merchant.intergiro.com https://merchant.intergiro.com
API credentials A single test merchant is created for purposes of integration testing.

API keys are issued for this test merchant.
API keys will be issued per live merchant.

Issued key pair contains elements specific for the type of integration you have chosen, such as merchant information, 3DS configuration etc. If you require a different type of integration or a different merchant configuration, contact us to be issued new keys.

Public and private key each have their specific use, as indicated here:

For Acquiring integrations For Payment Gateway integrations
Public API-key

(Safe to use in customers browser)
Create new authorizations or get details of authorizations Create new orders, new customers and new card tokens
Private API-key

(Only use on trusted systems)
Capture, cancel or refund authorizations List orders and charge, cancel and refund orders
Customer API-key Not applicable Unique to a each customer (cardholder) of a merchant. Enables customers to update their address, payment methods or view their orders