# Reference

# Address

Property Type Description
street string street address
zip_code string area code
city string city
country_code Alpha2

# Example:

    "street": "Storgatan 1",
    "zip_code": "111 23",
    "city": "Stockholm",
    "country_code": "SE"

# Addresses

Property Type Optional
primary Address
billing Address Yes
delivery Address Yes
visit Address Yes

# Alpha2

ISO 3166-1 Alpha-2 code, e.g. "FR" for France and "SE" for Sweden

# Browser

# Creatable

Use the javascript commands in the description column below to get browser information from a user of your website. This is recommended when creating Order, Customer, Payment Method or Authorization for use when verifying card-holder.

Property Type Description Optional
color_depth number screen.colorDepth Yes
java boolean navigator.javaEnabled() Yes
javascript boolean true Yes
locale Locale navigator.language Yes
timezone number new Date().getTimezoneOffset() Yes
resolution [number, number] [screen.width, screen.height] Yes
parent string window.location.origin Yes

# Browser

The final Browser object is the same as the Browser.Creatable but with these added fields:

Property Type Optional
accept_header string Yes
user_agent string Yes
ip string Yes

# Contact

Data type representing a contact.

Property Type Description Optional
type "organization" or "person" Yes
identity_number string Yes
id string Yes
number string Yes
name string or Name Yes
address Address or Addresses Yes
email string or EmailAddresses one email address as a string or two as EmailAddresses Yes
phone string or PhoneNumbers one phone number as a string or several as PhoneNumbers Yes

# Currency

String set according to ISO 4217 Currency codes, formated as e.g. "EUR" for Euros, "USD" for United Stated Dollar, and "SEK" for Swedish krona.

# Date

String written as "YYYY-MM-DD", e.g. "2021-12-31".

# DateTime

String formated as "YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss.fffK", e.g. "2020-12-31T23:59:59.999Z".

# EmailAddresses

For EmailAddresses atleast one primary of billing must be defined.

Property Type Description Optional
primary string primary email address Yes
billing string billing email address Yes


    "primary": "main@company.com",
    "billing": "billing@company.com"

# Item

The data type Item is used to specify what products are included in an order.

For Item, all properties are optional, but if vat is included, price must be included too. Quantity will be treated as 1 if it's not included.

Property Type Description Optional
number string product number in your system Yes
name string name or description of the product Yes
price number price per unit (excluding VAT) Yes
quantity number number of units Yes
unit string unit for measuring the product Yes
vat number VAT per unit Yes
rebate number rebate per unit Yes

Item Example:

	"number": "abc123",
	"name": "ceramic vase",
	"price": 100,
	"quantity": 2,
	"unit": "pcs",
	"vat": 25,
	"rebate": 0

# Locale

String defined by language ISO 639-1, followed by a dash "-" then a ISO 3166-1 Alpha-2 code. E.g. "en-US" for the English-United States or "sv-SE" for Swedish-Sweden. This is defined by navigator.language in the browser. All acceptable locales can be found here (opens new window).

# Name

Property Type Optional
first string Yes
last string Yes

# PhoneNumbers

For PhoneNumbers atleast one property must be defined.

Property Type Description Optional
primary string primary phone number Yes
cellphone string cellphone number Yes
landline string landline number Yes

# Scheme

String set as "unknown", "electron", "maestro", "mastercard" or "visa".