# Error messages

When you make an API call to Intergiro and there is an error, you will receive a response with HTTP status code different from 200. In this response, you get additional fields that help you diagnose and solve the error.

# Error message


400 Bad request
    status: 400,
    type: "malformed content",
    content: {
        property: "card.pan",
        type: "string",
        description: "Suspected fraud.",
    error: "suspected fraud",
    iso: {
        responseCode: "83",
        eci: "2",
        merchantAdviceCode: "01",
Property Type Description Optional
status number HTTP status code of the Error.
type string Type of the Error.
error Error code Switchable string defining the type of the error. Yes
description string Yes
content any Yes
iso Iso Yes

# Iso

Property Type Description Optional
responseCode string Yes
eci string Yes
merchantAdviceCode string Yes

# Error codes

Error code Reason
3ds problem 3-D Secure request was unable to complete
3ds authentication failure 3-D Secure authentication failed
acquirer error An unknown Card Network (Acquirer) error occured,
possibly due to connection issues.
amount limit The amount limit was exceeded
authentication required Additional authentication required
authorization not found The authorization could not be found
backend problem A Card Network (Acquirer) problem occured
blocked merchant Merchant blocked by cardholder
card declined Card was declined by issuer or card scheme
card lost or stolen Card has been reported lost or stolen
card restricted Card is restricted
card expired Card has expired
insufficient funds Insufficient funds on the card
invalid card number Card number is invalid. Please enter a valid number
invalid csc Invalid CVC code
invalid currency Invalid currency
invalid descriptor The transaction contains incorrect statement text and
could not be completed
invalid expire date Invalid Expire date
invalid input The card details are incorrect
invalid transaction The transaction contains incorrect information
merchant not found Merchant could not be found
rule violation Acquirer rules are not met
suspected fraud Card declined due to suspected fraud
unauthorized No further information due to security
unknown error An unknown error occured. Check card details.
unsupported card Card is not supported
verification required 3D Secure verification required

# Error responses

To test potential error responses, use a pan from the table:

pan scheme 3D version
2221000000000009 mastercard 3DSv2

The amount will determine which error response to test.

Amount Error code Description Response status
13.11 invalid card number Invalid card number. 400
400.02 card declined Declined by issuer or card scheme. 400
400.12 invalid transaction Invalid transaction. 400
400.07 suspected fraud Suspected fraud. 400
400.33 invalid expire date Invalid expire date. 400
400.35 card lost or stolen Card lost or stolen. 400
400.51 insufficient funds Insufficient funds. 400
400.54 card expired Card is expired. 400
400.61 amount limit Amount limit exceeded. 400
400.62 card restricted Please use an alternate card or contact your bank. 400
400.64 card declined Invalid amount. 400
400.82 invalid csc Invalid CSC code or unknown issuer error. 400
400.90 card declined Unable to process transaction. 400
400.91 card declined Issuer is unavailable. 400
401.52 invalid transaction Transaction amount exceeds preauthorized approval amount. 400
401.52 3ds authentication failure 3-D Secure authentication failure. 400