# Test cards

This table contains a list of test PANs to use when testing our API.

A frictionless 3DS flow can be tested by using amount 30 EUR or lower. If the amount is larger than 30, a challenge flow will be initiated.

PAN Scheme BIN Country
4111111111111111 Visa SE
5500000000000004 Mastercard SE
5600000000000003 Mastercard US

# Triggering error responses with a test card

To test potential error responses, use a pan from the table:

pan scheme 3D version
2221000000000009 mastercard 3DSv2

The amount will determine which error response to test.

Amount Error code Description Response status
13.11 invalid card number Invalid card number. 400
400.02 card declined Declined by issuer or card scheme. 400
400.12 invalid transaction Invalid transaction. 400
400.07 suspected fraud Suspected fraud. 400
400.15 unsupported card The card number is not supported by the scheme. 400
400.33 invalid expire date Invalid expire date. 400
400.35 card lost or stolen Card lost or stolen. 400
400.51 insufficient funds Insufficient funds. 400
400.54 card expired Card is expired. 400
400.61 amount limit Amount limit exceeded. 400
400.62 card restricted Please use an alternate card or contact your bank. 400
400.63 invalid csc Invalid CSC code or unknown issuer error. 400
401.58 invalid input Transaction amount exceeds preauthorized approval amount. 400
401.61 3ds authentication failure Card authentication failed. 400