# Get started

This guide takes you through setting up an Intergiro account and making your first test payment.

# Step 1. Get a test account

Get started with our Payment Gateway by creating a test merchant account. Please contact us at acquiring@intergiro.com to be given test API keys.

# Step 2. Integrate solution that best fits your needs

Our Payment Gateway is typically used to solve two common use cases.

In our Payment Gateway we refer to Payments as Orders

One-off orders Repeat customer orders
Embeddable card input widget for collecting card details Yes Yes
API integration required No
(only required to embed card widget to website)
Save your customers and their cards for repeated or recurring orders No Yes
Sale (autocapture) available Yes Yes
Capture, Reversal, Refund,
Settlement reports
Available via Merchant Portal or API Available via Merchant Portal or API
Integration effort Low Medium
3-D Secure Fully automated Extra integration steps required.

When integrating to our Payment Gateway, it is required to use one of our card input widgets. Our widgets keep you as the merchant out of PCI-scope (an SAQ might be required depending on payment volume).

If you want to be in full control of card input, then a better fit for you is our Acquiring API

# Step 3. Get a live account and start processing live payments

For us to provide you with API-keys to your live merchant account, you must have

  1. been approved and onboarded with Intergiro
  2. successfully integrated and made test payments

Once all requirements have been met, you will receive live API-keys as well as access to our Merchant portal (opens new window) where you are able to monitor your sales, receive settlement reports and more.