# Start accepting card payments

You can start accepting card payments with our solutions in different ways, depending on your business model.

For all our solutions, we can currently accept only Visa and Mastercard.

# You are a Payment Service Provider (PSP)

  • you offer payment gateway or checkout services to multiple merchants
  • you are in full control of your customers user experience such as saving payment methods, recurring payments
  • you are processing payments through multiple acquirers

The best fit for your needs is Intergiro's Acquiring API.

# You are a Merchant

  • you sell products or services to customers through your website
  • you want to process payments only through Intergiro
  • you want to use our checkout components to collect card numbers from customers
  • you want to use our other features such as customer management, saved payment methods, recurring or scheduling payments etc.

The best fit for your needs is Intergiro's Payment Gateway

For further questions, we are happy to support you at acquiring@intergiro.com