# Managing orders and customers

Every orders lifecycle consists of a few typical steps:

Step How is it done?
Create card token Customer starts the payment flow by entering the card details into the intergiro-card-input widget embedded in your website and clicking the Buy button.

The widget automatically tokenizes the card and provides it in a callback. The integrating merchant is then responsible for making further API calls to create an order.

If a saved card is used, this step is not performed.
Creating an order
(also referred to as Authorization or Reservation)
To create an Order, use one of several available APIs, depending on your use-case:
- Create an order
- Create an order with a saved card
- Create an order with an existing customer
- Create an order when creating a customer
- Create an order when saving a card

When the authorization succeeds, funds will be reserved on the customers bank account.

For the funds to reach your merchant account, the created order must be captured, otherwise it will expire in 7-14 business days and funds will be returned to the customer.

Capture an order
(also referred to as Charging or Clearing)
Typically with sales of physical goods, order must be captured manually when the good were shipped to the buyer. This is done by the merchant in the Merchant Portal (opens new window).

Manual capture via API is also possible.

Typical with sales of digital goods, automatic capture is preffered (this is also known as a Sale). Auto capture is enabled via a flag on the API you are using to create an order.
Cancel an order
(also referred to as Reversal)
Order that has not been captured can be canceled.
This will release the reservation of funds on a customers bank account.

Order can be cancelled manually in the Merchant Portal (opens new window) or via API (for more advanced integrations).
Refund an order A captured order can be refunded to the customer.
Original amount is returned to the customer and a refund fee is charged to the merchant.

Order can be refunded manually in the Merchant Portal (opens new window) or via API (for more advanced integrations).
Settlement reports Your sales reports are available in the Merchant Portal (opens new window)
Receiving settlement funds Settlement funds are paid out to your merchant account per terms in the Merchant agreement.
Disputes Disputes are currently facilitated by Intergiro Customer Support team who will reach out to you in case one of your payments was disputed by a customer.