# Introduction to Intergiro.3d

Intergiro Developer Portal

We build seamless customer interactions, powered by APIs. Our solutions directly integrate with your ecosystem to meet your users wherever they are. Integrating with us is hardware-agnostic and fully white-labelled so your brand stays strong and your customers stay happy.

If integration with Intergiro is the solution your business is looking for, you can get in touch with us through our 3d contact form (opens new window) and share your story.

# Start developing

Once we've received your 3d contact form (opens new window), we'll get in touch and set up an informational meeting to learn more about your business. You'll also receive information about how to plug into our platform to build a customised payment solution that's fully tailored to your business needs.

Once you're ready to start development, we'll book a kick-off meeting where we'll get you and your team ready to integrate our platform. During the meeting you'll receive a starter pack that will get you access to all the following:

  • Onboarding info
  • Service-level agreements
  • Communication and support channels
  • Staging environment access (see Environments)
  • Comfort tests
  • Security questionnaire
  • Card design information