# Environments

There is a staging environment available for your convenience so you can make sure your integration works well before going live.

To request credentials to access the 2d API staging environment, please click here (opens new window) and submit your information. Our team will create a custom access for you and share the credentials within the next 24-48 hours.
Note: you need to be a registered Intergiro customer in order to request staging environment access.

There are two links for each environment. The first link takes you to the REST API. The second is your link to the Customer Portal. You will need to use the Customer Portal to manage your keys, as well as for approving payments with SCA.

Staging environment:

  • REST API: https://2d.staging.intergiro.tech
  • Customer Portal: https://business.staging.intergiro.tech/portal

Live environment:

  • REST API: https://2d.intergiro.com
  • Customer Portal: https://business.intergiro.com/portal