# Payments

# Create payment(s) or move funds between accounts

With our bulk payments endpoint, you can automate your payment flow and seamlessly create hundreds of payments.

You can also use the payments endpoint to control your own funds, including moving money between your EUR SEPA accounts and topping up cards. Just set the beneficiary to be your own account's IBAN and other required account information.

There are a few basic restrictions:

  • Currently only SEPA EUR transfers are permitted through this endpoint

  • Payment batches can only be created from one source account, but from there money transfers can be sent to many beneficiaries

  • A maximum of 1000 payments can be created per batch request

# Note

You can use correlation_id to track each item in a bulk payment request. It is optional, but when used, a unique string with UUID v4 format should be provided. It can be passed during the payment creation flow and later be used to find specific transactions using GET /transactions endpoint with the ?correlation_ids=[] query parameter.

The uniqueness of the correlation_id will help avoid creation of duplicate bulk requests containing at least one item with similar correlation_id .

Example send payment(s) request:


POST v1/bulk_payments

Content-Type: application/json
Authorization: Bearer <access_token>

	"account_id": "gHcYiRdtr",
	"items": [
			"counterparty": {
				"name": "John Doe",
				"account": {
					"account_iban": "SE9297700000010008060245",
					"account_bic": "FTCSSESS"
			"amount": 1,
			"reference": "Payment #123",
			"correlation_id": "ff7d005b-9e95-4ffc-8db4-bef9759cab99"




	"account_id": "gHcYiRdtr",
	"id": "c8d28ebe-7215-4e6e-b9f4-eb9fd9d26f83",
	"totals_by_currency": {
		"eur": {
			"fee": 0,
			"net": 1,
			"total": 1

# Important

  • For security reasons, all payments created via the 2d API must be approved by a user with payment approval permissions. We have added this human breakpoint to protect your company from fraudulent or suspicious activity.

  • To approve payments, the user with payment approval permissions simply needs to log in to our customer portal and go to the “Payments” section, where they can review API-created payments and approve or reject them.